A highly flexible e-voucher distribution system enables the supply of vouchers through various POS, Kiosk and web based channels. Structured using the Distributor - Merchant - Terminal hierarchy, this system allows the distributor to manage its sub-distributors and merchants, in addition to transferring credit and stock to its subs. Merchants can purchase single vouchers directly from the system (Online Purchase) or create and download orders for later sales (Offline Purchase). Distributors can also enjoy the ability to create and push stock to their merchants’ terminal through an easy to use web base interface. This interface also provides the ability to track and approve merchant orders, generate various reports, and set privileges to its users. Merchants can manage their terminals; set administrative passwords; and set up to 10 cashiers each with its own sales reports. The system keeps track of all terminal purchases, sales and machine stock status, enabling the service provider to view performance based on region, distributor, or even merchant. Security is a top priority issue, thus all PINs loaded to the data center are stored in an encrypted format, and all purchase requests are done through encrypted channels, where each machine is assigned an encryption key and this key is updated on each request.
Top Up
This service gives customers the ability to directly recharge their mobile number accounts through various channels, with the easy of payment through cash, debit or credit card. The customer may choose a recharge amount from a various choice of amounts, or enter any preferred value through the M-Top up variation of this service. In addition, this service is extensible over multiple countries and regions through the Cross-Country Top Up, allowing users to recharge their mobile number accounts in foreign countries.
Bill Payment
A simple and fast service allowing customers to quickly pay charges and bills accumulated on their postpaid mobile number accounts. Payment methods can be through cash, debit/credit cards, and even M-wallet. The customer can enter their mobile number, check their due bill and set the payment amount. In a matter of seconds, the transaction would complete and a confirmation receipt is printed for the customer.
Self Service Payment Terminal
This payment channel allows customers to quickly make Top Up, Bill Payment, E-Voucher purchase and other transactions using a simple interface and touch screen input. This terminal can stand 24 hours service and can be remotely configured. The most important benefits of such a system is the elimination of the need for extra-staff thus increasing in-store efficiency, reducing customer wait time and stress through its fast request fulfillment means, and easy of branding and customizations.
Payment/Informational Kiosks as sales and informational stations in main locations. Online connection to main KIOSK Application. Internet Access to Cross-IT Website. Remote administration tools. Cash, Debit and Credit Payments. Receipt.
SIM Management
This system allows a service provider to manage and track all smart cards sold to its customer, through a series of easy-to-use yet powerful tools and features. A web interface allows distributors to manage their merchants and transfer SIM cards to merchants. Using a specially designed machine, merchants can sell SIM cards and capture all required customer documents with no time to waste. SIM cards are first received by the merchant and scanned for delivery confirmation. This step synchronizes the real stock with the virtual ones in the data center to keep tabs on their status. When a customer requests a SIM card, the merchant simply scans the card, enters all required information into the machine, and scans all necessary documents. A fingerprint or digital signature is also scanned if necessary. In a matter of minutes all data would be collected and uploaded to the data center, confirming the sale request. And in case the network is out of service, all transactions can be stored on the machine in order to be synchronized later on. Distributors can then generate custom reports to view the sales and review their performance. The service provider may access the web interface to view all information, or through service integration, get the updated information directly into its own system. This system can also run together with EVD application using the same SIM Management machine, in addition to all other Top Up and payment services.
This service allows customers to transfer money between two bank accounts. A machine accepts the amount to transfer, the pin number and the destination account, sending this request to the bank. After the bank processes the request, the machine displays a success or failure message. An SMS is also sent to the customer’s mobile phone indicating the request status and other details.
Using a mobile phone, this service allows the user to transfer money, pay bills, make top up transactions and request services all through the integration with a host bank.
Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway (PG) is an electronic payment service Based on contracts for payment processing, PG company settles with bank, Credit Card Company or mobile carrier which at customer’s choice customer pays his/her bill to. PG Company settles with online merchants after transaction fee deduction. PG performs payment process and settles transaction so online merchants do not have to contact directly with bank, credit Card Company or mobile carrier and do not need organization, staff or system maintenance. Therefore online merchants can provide service and sell goods in convenient and secure payment environment.
- SMS/MMS Firewall Provides Anti-Spam, Anti-Spoof, Parental Control, White and Black lists, Autoreply - SMS ADVANCED MESSAGING Some of the features included in this solution: SMS Forwarding, Copy, Distribution list, Signature, SMS To Voice, Sponsored SMS Advertising, Location/Time based SMS, etc. - SMS-CENTER INTERNATIONAL HUB Least Cost Routing SMS Hubbing (compliant with GSMA recommendations). This saves money for the operator and provides a leveraging power when negotiating roaming agreements. -SMS GATEWAY Increases SMSC capacity by three folds - VAS GATEWAY Manage VASP connectivity and Premium Pull/Push exchanges over SMS, Wap, MMS, USSD. Ability to Charge API for WAP, IVR, video - SMSC & MMSC State of the Art Advanced SMSC & MMSCs - WAP & USSD Gateway MCTEL Provides an efficient and cost effective WAP & USSD Gateway services - CELL BROADCAST “ENABLEMENT” SUITE A Unique solution MCTEL provides which enables nearly 100% of the devices to receive and properly display Cell Broadcast messages even if the Cell Broadcast option is turned off by the user or the handset is not Cell broadcast capable like the iPhone.
- STEERING OF ROAMING The solution controls the registration of outbound roamers on the operator’s preferred network abroad. - INBOUND ROAMING MANAGEMENT Helps to retain inbound roamers by providing additional services and detecting unwanted detach, caused by a network coverage problem for example. - BORDER GATEWAY CONTROLLER Keeps operator customers within the network at national boarders even at low signal or low operator coverage - WELCOME TO ROAMERS & BON VOYAGE Upon detection of roamers, an information message will be sent - INTELLIGENT CALL CORRECTION (NUMBER CORRECTION FOR INBOUND ROAMERS) Automatically corrects missing area codes of inbound roamers when dialing numbers. - REVERSE CALL CHARGING Lets operators increase ARPU by providing the service for reverse charging of calls which will be charged at premium rate to the account of the services you are calling
- EQUIPMENT IDENTITY REGISTER Regulatory authorities often require from network operators to setup EIR on their network in order to prohibit access to the network to handsets signalled as lost or stolen. Even when not legally mandatory, EIR helps the operator increasing their safety and quality of service on their network and avoiding abuses. - AUTOMATIC DEVICE CONFIGURATION (OMA-CP) Detects new devices in the network and configures them automatically. MCTEL Device Management Center can use this trigger to provision other nodes. - DEVICE MANAGEMENT CENTER MCTEL Device Management Center suite helps mobile operators increase ARPU, promote new services, reduce operational costs and fully control handset lifecycle. - SIMOTA - REMOTE FILE MANAGEMENT & REMOTE DEVICE MANAGEMENT A global solution to manage SIMs in a comprehensive, easy and centralized way which is SIM vendero independent. This platform includes the control of the Network Elements (SMSC, HLR, MSC/VLR etc…) to configure (U)SIM