SIM Management Solution    
This system allows a service provider to manage and track all smart cards sold to its customer, through a series of easy-to-use yet powerful tools and features. A web interface allows distributors to manage their merchants and transfer SIM cards to merchants. Using a specially designed machine, merchants can sell SIM cards and capture all required customer documents with no time to waste. SIM cards are first received by the merchant and scanned for delivery confirmation. This step synchronizes the real stock with the virtual ones in the data center to keep tabs on their status. When a customer requests a SIM card, the merchant simply scans the card, enters all required information into the machine, and scans all necessary documents. A fingerprint or digital signature is also scanned if necessary. In a matter of minutes all data would be collected and uploaded to the data center, confirming the sale request. And in case the network is out of service, all transactions can be stored on the machine in order to be synchronized later on. Distributors can then generate custom reports to view the sales and review their performance. The service provider may access the web interface to view all information, or through service integration, get the updated information directly into its own system.
This system can also run together with EVD application using the same SIM Management machine, in addition to all other Top Up and payment services.