5/9/2011 5:20:46 AM

- EQUIPMENT IDENTITY REGISTER Regulatory authorities often require from network operators to setup EIR on their network in order to prohibit access to the network to handsets signalled as lost or stolen. Even when not legally mandatory, EIR helps the operator increasing their safety and quality of service on their network and avoiding abuses. - AUTOMATIC DEVICE CONFIGURATION (OMA-CP) Detects new devices in the network and configures them automatically. Device Management Center can use this trigger to provision other nodes. - DEVICE MANAGEMENT CENTER Device Management Center suite helps mobile operators increase ARPU, promote new services, reduce operational costs and fully control handset lifecycle. - SIMOTA - REMOTE FILE MANAGEMENT & REMOTE DEVICE MANAGEMENT A global solution to manage SIMs in a comprehensive, easy and centralized way which is SIM vendero independent. This platform includes the control of the Network Elements (SMSC, HLR, MSC/VLR etc…) to configure (U)SIM