5/9/2011 5:18:28 AM

-SMS/MMS Firewall: Provides Anti-Spam, Anti-Spoof, Parental Control, White and Black lists, Autoreply -SMS ADVANCED MESSAGING Some of the features included in this solution: SMS Forwarding, Copy, Distribution list, Signature, SMS To Voice, Sponsored SMS Advertising, Location/Time based SMS, etc. - SMS-CENTER: INTERNATIONAL HUB Least Cost Routing SMS Hubbing (compliant with GSMA recommendations). This saves money for the operator and provides a leveraging power when negotiating roaming agreements. ‏- SMS GATEWAY: increases SMSC capacity by three folds - VAS GATEWAY :Manage VASP connectivity and Premium Pull/Push exchanges over SMS, Wap, MMS, USSD. Ability to Charge API for WAP, IVR, video - SMSC & MMSC: State of the Art Advanced SMSC & MMSCs - WAP & USSD Gateway: Provides an efficient and cost effective WAP & USSD Gateway services - CELL BROADCAST “ENABLEMENT” SUITE :A Unique solution provides which enables nearly 100% of the devices to receive and properly display Cell Broadcast messages even if the Cell Broadcast option is turned off by the user or the handset is not Cell broadcast capable like the iPhone.