IDMS - Intelligent Distribution Management System  
  1. One Reporting Engine for all levels, periods & services (Dash Board with Email & SMS options)
  2. Enable and maintain distribution rules.
  3. Create and distribute new services, rules, promotions within one platform.
  4. No hidden levels of sub distributors and Merchants to strength service provider position, Clear tree hierarchy (distributor, Sub distributor, Merchant, Terminal).
  5. Easy, straightforward administration: Web based front-end application for all levels.
  6. Control & Monitor of distribution process to sales in all levels (Distributor, Sub Distributor, Merchant, Terminal).
  7. Full tracking & monitoring for Stock Level, Transactions & Orders.
  8. Automated Commission setup & Calculation for all levels.
  9. Multiple recharge/payment channels.
  10. Single integration to Finance platform.
  11. Periodic financial closing Summary for all levels.
  12. Amount/Quota terminal push function to protect every sales point.Smart Alert System.
  13. Warehouse value control.