EVD Solution - Electronic Vouchers Dispensing
A highly flexible e-voucher distribution system enables the supply of vouchers through various POS, Kiosk and web based channels. Structured using the Distributor - Merchant - Terminal hierarchy, this system allows the distributor to manage its sub-distributors and merchants, in addition to transferring credit and stock to its subs. Merchants can purchase single vouchers directly from the system (Online Purchase) or create and download orders for later sales (Offline Purchase). Distributors can also enjoy the ability to create and push stock to their merchants’ terminal through an easy to use web base interface. This interface also provides the ability to track and approve merchant orders, generate various reports, and set privileges to its users. Merchants can manage their terminals; set administrative passwords; and set up to 10 cashiers each with its own sales reports. The system keeps track of all terminal purchases, sales and machine stock status, enabling the service provider to view performance based on region, distributor, or even merchant. Security is a top priority issue, thus all PINs loaded to the data center are stored in an encrypted format, and all purchase requests are done through encrypted channels, where each machine is assigned an encryption key and this key is updated on each request.